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Site by: James Davis.
I knew that it would be difficult living a life like how it is today but I knew if I didn't help others with there internet safety there would be people getting hacked left and right. I do not tolerate those types of things so I wanted to create this site to help those who cannot help themselves.
While most things here include things about the site and my feelings, I don't get to talk much about old I am, and what my dream is. My dream was to suspend the safety on the browsers in our world such as: Google Chrome, Microsoft, Duck Duck Go, Brave, and many others.

Internet Safety

Some times you need to know the real answers behind Internet Safety.

About my site

This site is mainly focused on how kids and even parents/grown ups should use there device on the internet. I made this site knowing that it would be hard to get people to find it so I made my own.


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